Rogers Marvel Architects
New York, NY
Enhanced pedestrian connections to public spaces and amenities created a new identity for this residential, business and touristic neighborhood along the Hudson River in Manhattan across from the World Trade Center site. Illuminated bench seating, glowing glass shade canopies, a plant nursery, grass covered berms and paving variety contribute to creating gracious pedestrian areas. Designed to offer more beautiful and enjoyable experiences by day or night, the Battery Park City streetscape welcomes people on their way to work, strolling along in awe of the Statue of Liberty at sunset, on a morning run or out to catch a water taxi. The project integrates much needed neighborhood amenities with security considerations throughout the North Neighborhood and World Financial Center. Security is seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric at all scales, from urban planning to material details. At the neighborhood scale, the design solution adjusts curb lines, changes traffic patterns, and re-assigns neighborhood streets to reduce vehicular speeds approaching sensitive financial institutions. Near buildings' edges, landscape provides security: a combination of earth-backed walls, grass-covered berms, and collapsible paving systems do double duty as pedestrian zones and perimeter security. RMA produced and executed a comprehensive master plan, created neighborhood design guidelines, led stakeholder charrettes, conducted traffic analysis and performed advanced technology research.

AIA NYC Project Merit Design Award, AIA National Urban Design Award, ASLA National Analysis and Planning Award, EDRA: Great Places Awards

with James Carpenter Design Associates
photography © Paul Warchol, Nathan Sayers & Rogers Marvel
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