Rogers Marvel Architects
Rogers Marvel Berry Lane Park
Jersey City, NJ
A "Brownfields to Greenfields" initiative, the Berry Lane project will transform approximately 13.5 acres of vacant and underused industrial and commercial property into a vibrant new urban park. The park will begin at the foot of Berry Lane and continue south to the Bergen-Hudson Light Rail System; the former Morris Canal runs along the entire length of the site. RMA's design for the re-use of the concrete silos at the new Spray Park will create a striking water feature within which people can discover the varied water experiences of mist, shower, drip, bucket, sheet and pulse. Active recreation is organized along the path of the historic canal, creating a dynamic pedestrian promenade from the neighborhood through the park. Flexible enough to accommodate gatherings, concerts or markets, the grassy tiered bowl of the amphitheater creates a comfortable and informal space that can be co-opted as needed.