Rogers Marvel Architects
Cody, WY
The park is a ten acre site is located in the center of Cody, Wyoming. Formerly the home of the Cody Stampede and a gravel mine, the steep embankments and shallow plateaus of the site sit just above the old city. Spectacular views of Heart Mountain, Pat O'Hara Peak, and the McCullough Peaks can been see from this central city location. Bordered by a corporate office park, a recreation center, a community events center, and a residential neighborhood, the park forms an important link between the turn of the century urban grid of the lower terrace and the post-war development on the upper steppe. Development of a park on the site marks the return of public events to this location. The variables of temperature, precipitation, wind exposure, soil depth, and composition all come together to create environments that support the varied plant communities of The Big Horn Basin. Access to water is the factor with the greatest impact on species diversity and composition. Microclimates form where moisture is retained and in turn sustains species characteristic of higher (wetter) elevations.
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