Rogers Marvel Architects
Rogers Marvel Cody Parks and Pathways Master Plan
Cody, WY
The history of human, agrarian and industrial processes mandated new infrastructure systems that performed the necessary operations for successful growth and prosperity of cities. A new project extending from Heart Mountain Park in Cody, Wyoming provides a pathway that responds to more contemporary mandates. With the marking of new recreational routes, familiar everyday landscapes and newly regenerated native habitats will provide a explanation of the available requirements of the land. As the pathways become operational, this new infrastructure will extend into the city. Connections between recreational, cultural and civic locations will be integrated into the pathways to link these circulation routes with the natural landscape. The new routes will take opportunities engage all aspects of the existing urban landscape, from commercial downtown to residential neighborhood to outlying hiking paths. Like streetlights and fire hydrants, these new routes and markers form an additional layer of public infrastructure within the city.