Rogers Marvel Architects
Rogers Marvel Kate Spade Stores Worldwide
RMA has designed the distinctive gallery-like retail spaces for which Kate Spade is known since the brand's founding in 1993. RMA partners with Kate Spade on their domestic and international retail spaces, merchandising and fixture concepts, and corporate and design facilities. RMA has created a consistent, recognizable material and formal language for the brand, but employs it uniquely at each site: every location is designed around its peculiarities and opportunities. The palette continues to grow and evolve as Kate Spade enters new markets and product categories. The collaboration is inspired by the client's and the architects' involvement in the contemporary art world.

Shop locations include Atlanta, Aoyama, Boca Raton, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Georgetown, Greenwich, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Houston, Kyoto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Manhasset, Manila, Maranouchi, New York, Osaka, Princeton, San Francisco, Sapporo, Singapore, Tokyo, and Yokohama.