Rogers Marvel Architects
Rogers Marvel Nathan Phillips Square
NATHAN PHILLIPS SQUARE International Design Competition Finalist
Toronto, Canada
Rogers Marvel Architects provided design for the Nathan Phillips Square Design Competition to revitalize the City's greatest public space. RMA's design proposed to expand the frame of the square to engage its surroundings and intensify use of the street level hardscape while activating the upper level with landscape and passive recreation. Roofs would be transformed to roof gardens, introducing native planting and linking upper and lower spaces with a wooded hill. On top of the hill, a grove of trees and the prospect offer a look out on the Plaza's activity. At the plaza level, this constructed landscape houses skate rental concessions and Plaza-related storage along with new areas for restaurants and performance support. A fritted glass "ribbon" creates the hill's plaza-level face, providing a screened shelter from the Plaza's cold winter winds or hot summer sun. By consolidating new and existing support spaces under the wooded hill the paved areas of the plaza are expanded to accommodate public events.

Finalist, International Design Competition

with Ken Smith Landscape Architect and du Toit Allsop Hillier