Rogers Marvel Architects
Soak It Up Competition Finalist - Rogers Marvel
SOAK IT UP! - Design Competition Finalist
Philadelphia, PA
RMA’s design is intended as a pilot project for the future of Philadelphia and an inspiring model of stormwater management through green infrastructure for the country. SOAK CITY, has a light touch but deep results. It is a strategy that identifies a 10-acre ecodistrict in North Philadelphia’s Hartranft neighborhood. With its core focused on a warehouse, an adjacent vacant lot and their surrounding streets, SOAK CITY expands to its full 10-acre breadth through the management of identified sewershed and watershed patterns. The strategy implements a comprehensive plan for the management of water – storm, grey, and black. However, the resulting project goes beyond water to touch on all aspects of life in the district from increased environmental quality to the harvesting of renewable solar energy to community spaces for recreation and new green jobs. Replicability city-wide is a tenet of the strategy’s design.