Rogers Marvel Architects
Amagansett, NY
Rogers Marvel Architects provided design for the renovation and expansion of an existing oceanfront beach cottage, the Whaler's Lane Residence. The residence is a series of shingle-wrapped exterior and interior spaces connected via wooden pathways. Additions include the a new swimming pool, jacuzzi, and trellis, kitchen, second floor bedroom, and terrace. The property is located on the Atlantic Ocean in a quiet neighborhood full of eclectic beach homes. The original oceanfront beach cottage that occupied the site was reutilized conceptually for the project by maintaining similar materials and profiles to create a contextual residence. This property includes a large sand dune, that protects the project from strong winds, and public beach activity alike. The Landscaping has been accomplished with native materials and maintained with erosion control methods including Long wooden beach palates and boardwalks used to traverse the dune to the beach and guest house.

photography © Albert Vecerka/Esto
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