Rogers Marvel Architects
adAPT NYC Competition Finalist - The Tandem Model
New York needs a new housing model. Tandem points the way to a sustainable and efficient prototype that is scalable and malleable, can be privately developed, and offers a new option for modern urban living. The Tandem Model is based on a simple precept that is right for our time, namely, shared resources represent a sustainable and efficient housing solution. At Tandem, the individual Micro-unit (private space) and the building common space together form a tenant’s habitat. Both are naturally lit and carefully designed to provide an environment of “enhanced livability” throughout. This new paradigm is emphasized in every aspect of the Tandem design. The Micro-unit is suffused with natural light and infused with filtered fresh air to create a private space for healthy living. Micro-units are paired along a wall of shared resources (the “T-Wall”), adding over a foot and a half of usable floor width to each unit, and simplifying building construction. The paired Micro-units attach to the circulation spine, which is extended and also naturally lit to encourage walkability. Finally, there is an extensive common space program distributed throughout the building and on the roof. The common space program is almost double the size found in a more conventional residential building of this type. What’s more, the quality and scope of the common spaces are comparable to the quality more typically found in a “luxury” building. All of these spaces are naturally lit, have an excellent level of finish and are fully furnished and equipped for the use described.
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